Talkyard: A commenting system for Gatsby

Demo and installation instructions

January 19, 2018

Talkyard is an embedded commenting system for Gatsby and other static site generators. It’s open source; you can install for free on your server. Or use our serverless hosting — no ads, no tracking, free for low traffic blogs.

This website is a static Gatsby blog, with Talkyard comments — look at the bottom of the pages. Talkyard is forum software too, with chat and question-answers features: you can create a community for your website, integrated with the blog comments.

Demo video:

Demo discussion (the one in the video).

Quick test if this is for you

Three quick steps for trying out Talkyard, without signing up or getting a server:

  1. Install the Talkyard plugin: (this is for Gatsby 1, might not work with Gatsby v2)

    npm install --save @debiki/gatsby-plugin-talkyard  # with npm
    yarn add @debiki/gatsby-plugin-talkyard            # with yarn
  2. Configure the plugin; use a dummy test comments account for now:

    // In your gatsby-config.js
    plugins: [
       resolve: `@debiki/gatsby-plugin-talkyard`,
       options: {
         talkyardServerUrl: ''
  3. In your blog post template: (or where you want the comments to appear)

    import TalkyardCommentsIframe from '@debiki/gatsby-plugin-talkyard';
    // And where the comments shall appear:
    <TalkyardCommentsIframe />

Now, restart Gatsby and look at the comment section that should appear below the blog posts. You can post test comments but they’ll disappear later on, some day (because you use a demo test account).

Help forum:

Real installation

Go to and choose Blog Comments. Follow the instructions — and, in gatsby-config.js, change talkyardServerUrl to the address of your new Talkyard blog comments site, e.g.

You should also add a frontmatter discussionId: per-discussion-id to your blog posts / articles, so you can change the URL to a blog post, without the discussion disappearing; read more here.

You can ask for help in the support forum, and suggest ideas.

Comments powered by Talkyard.